Every Day - Every Ache

BLUE STOP MAX offers fast,

SOOTHING RELIEF for daily use

on aching JOINTS + MUSCLES

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powerful soothing relief to body aches & discomfort

16 oz Pump Bottle


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Control the daily discomfort of life's aches & tension

3.4 oz Massaging Applicator


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Cool Refreshing Menthol targets your muscles & joints fast

Use Blue Stop Max to Find Relief today

Soreness & Muscle Aches

Don’t let the stress and strain of life stop you. Just rub on Blue Stop Max and feel the refreshing cool as our triple action formula brings relief fast.

Everyday Discomfort

The more active you are the more you'll like Blue Stop Max! It provides fast relief from muscle and joint discomfort to keep you moving.

Old Injuries & Flare Ups

Living with old injuries shouldn't stop you from today's activities. Use Blue Stop Max to help loosen you up with its unique formula.