16 oz Pump Bottle
16 oz Pump Bottle
16 oz Pump Bottle
16 oz Pump Bottle

16 oz Pump Bottle

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Blue Stop Max® muscle and joint gel provide fast soothing relief with a unique blend of emu oil, menthol, and other natural ingredients.

The known properties of emu oil, coconut oil, and aloe vera nourish the skin making Blue Stop Max® a great option for everyday use. It targets achy muscles and joints without burning or irritating the skin. 

Product Benefits:

  • Emu Oil + Menthol targets both muscle and joint aches
  • Organic Aloe Vera base helps to soothe and nourish the skin making it great for every day use 
  • Emu Oil allows ingredients to penetrate the skin and get the ingredients to where it hurts
  • Contains Cetylated Fatty Acids; known for their benefits to restore normal joint function and reduce body aches
  • Great for use before and after exercise to support peak performance; Effective to use before bed to help soothe tense, aching muscles, and joints to promote restful sleep
  • The only muscle and joint gel with a pump, making it convenient and easy to use; Light peachy aroma that leaves no menthol smell on the skin

 Soreness & Muscle Aches

Just rub on Blue Stop Max and feel the refreshing cool as our triple action formula brings relief fast.

Everyday Discomfort

Control the daily discomfort of life's aches and tension with Blue Stop Max, specifically formulated for safe everyday relief.

Joints & Range of Motion

Aches & joint discomfort stop many from being active. But you can get relief and help increase flexibility with Blue Stop Max.

Old Injuries & Flare Ups

Living with old injuries shouldn't stop you from today's activities. Use Blue Stop Max to help loosen you up with its unique formula.

Satisfied Customers

If you suffer from backaches like Grettel and so many others, Blue Stop Max can help. Watch this video to hear her full story.

We want to be YOUR go to relief.

Best Natural Ingredients

  • Coconut oil to relieve muscle soreness
  • Organic aloe vera to sooth your skin
  • Emu oil to relieve muscle soreness
  • Natural menthol for a cooling sensation

Unlike Other Products

Unlike other intense, harsher topical products that you apply after you're already miserable, Blue Stop Max is specifically formulated for safe everyday relief

This deep penetrating, aloe-based formula is made with premium and natural ingredients that are kinder to the skin and don't stink, burn, or irritate!

Get it now !

See How We Stack Up!

Blue Stop MaxOther Muscle Topicals
Can Use anywhereLimited areas of use
Can use as many times necessary
Limited number of times you can use 
Targets BOTH joints & musclesTargets joints or muscles
Multiple premium ingredients Focus on only aloe vera or menthol 
Easy to use pump and applicator Messy to use

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16 oz Pump Bottle
16 oz Pump Bottle
16 oz Pump Bottle
16 oz Pump Bottle
16 oz Pump Bottle
16 oz Pump Bottle
16 oz Pump Bottle
16 oz Pump Bottle

16 oz Pump Bottle