Hand Aches : How to Help Hand Discomfort

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Minor or occasionally hand aches can occur for several (a variety) of reasons and is a significant source of discomfort for many people as part of their daily lives.  These are generally associated with overuse of muscles like writing, working on the computer or after exercise.

Literature suggests that some of the most typical causes of hand aches or discomfort may include:

  • Overuse of the forearm, hands, or fingers
  • Dehydration
  • Exercise in high temperatures
  • Electrolyte imbalances
  • Poor circulation
  • Low levels of magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D

Many of these issues are much more common and far less severe than others- such as overuse and dehydration. It is always a good idea to consult with your doctor.

Below, the experts at Blue Stop Max explore some of the best alternatives / options you can use to help with minor or occasional ache relief.

10 Tips for Fast Hand Aches

To help address and relieve minor or occasional hand aches, we highly recommend trying each of the following recommendations to evaluate or determine their potential benefits.  However, please keep in mind that if these suggestions cannot provide you with the relief you’re looking for (or any relief at all), we recommend reaching out to a medical professional to make an appointment.

1. Using Ache and Discomfort Relieving Gels, Lotions, or Creams

There is a wide range of ache and discomfort relieving gels, creams, and lotions available on the market for people to use. However, we highly recommend the Massage Gel for Body Aches proudly provided by the experts at Blue Stop Max. Their specially formulated gel is made with a unique blend of natural ingredients like coconut oil, emu oil, and aloe vera to help relieve minor muscle and aches/ discomfort while nourishing your skin.

Blue Stop Max is an aloe-based formula with a clean, pleasant scent making it gentle to the skin and a perfect option for everyday use.

2. Using Correct Typing Hand Posture

Keeping your notebook and pen or keyboard at a slightly lower level than your wrist helps keep your hands in a natural position that’s less likely to result in aches or discomfort, especially if you’re at your desk for multiple hours at a time. You can also invest in ergonomic wrist rests and actively try to relax your hands, arms, shoulders, and mouse grip to help relieve your aching issues.

3. Applying Heat

A warm compress or soaking your hands in warm water can help relax your muscles, making them less likely to ache while potentially providing a bit of extra relief. It can also make hand stretching and massages (discussed below) easier and more effective overall.

Are you searching for a top-quality provider of soothing relief products that can help reduce your aches and discomfort? Consider exploring the range of specialized products proudly provided by our experts at Blue Stop Max today to learn about everything they can do for you.

4. Hand Massages and Gentle Stretching

Taking time to extend your arms and stretch your fingers occasionally can be a great way to help soothe your muscles. Additionally, gently massaging any uncomfortable spots can help relieve the amount of discomfort you experience. Try following this list of ten hand and finger exercises and stretches provided by WebMD to find which ones work best for you.

5. Taking Frequent Breaks

Suppose you’re experiencing regular hand aches or general hand discomfort. In that case, it’s crucial to ensure that you give your hands a break rather than force them to keep working continuously, especially if the task you’re doing is likely what’s causing them discomfort in the first place. While taking long breaks until the cramps subside entirely isn’t always possible, you should at least provide your hands with a short break every hour. Try using that time to practice the above stretches!

6. Increasing Your Fluid Intake

Because hand cramps can sometimes develop because of dehydration, consider increasing your overall fluid intake throughout the day to see if it helps relieve some of your discomfort. Even if it doesn’t, staying hydrated is essential to promoting a healthy body.

7. Medications

There are many over-the-counter medications that people can take to try and achieve some relief for your aching hands, including ibuprofen (Advil and generics), naproxen (Aleve and generics), and acetaminophen (Tylenol and generics).  Before taking any medication, please consult your doctor.

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8. Taking Certain Vitamins and Supplements 

Hand aches/ discomfort may be a sign that your body’s magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D levels are too low. Taking vitamins and supplements to boost the presence of these substances may help relieve some instances of aching hands.  Always consult a doctor before starting a vitamin or supplement regimen.

9. Wearing a Splint

Splints are a great way to help support your hands and wrist to keep them stable and at a natural angle when working. 

10. Squeezing a Stress Ball

Frequently using stress or hand exercise balls helps relax the muscles in your hands and relieve aches/ discomfort. They can also strengthen your hand muscles over time.

Final Thoughts to Consider

Hand aches can be a severe source of discomfort for many people- especially those whose work requires excessive amounts of writing or typing. Thankfully, there are plenty of options available for people to try when they need to gain help soothing hand aches/ discomfort relief. Be sure to test each of the suggestions listed above, especially the Massage Gel products for body aches proudly provided by our experts at Blue Stop Max!

Everyone deals with a range of aches and physical discomfort as they get older, but Blue Stop Max is more than proud to offer access to a top-quality product. Consider exploring our range of stellar products today to learn more about their ingredients and benefits to help ease and soothe your muscles aches.

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