Avoid Alcohol-Based Products For Muscle Relief

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Humans have used alcohol in various forms to help relieve the effects of discomfort for centuries. In fact, the practice is about as old as the fermentation process itself, and alcohol is strongly believed to be one of the world’s first and most widely used drugs. And even though there are plenty of modern solutions designed to treat aches and discomfort today, many people still turn to alcohol-based products to provide relief. 

However, just because alcohol is a very effective painkiller, that doesn’t mean it should be regularly utilized as one, especially when it comes to more common issues like muscle aches and other types of physical discomfort. Please continue exploring through the following article provided by our experts at Blue Stop Max to learn about why you should actively avoid alcohol-based products to achieve the physical relief you’re looking for. 

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Why is Alcohol Used in Skincare Products?

Before we cover the main reasons to avoid alcohol based creams or gels, let’s briefly cover why so many of these products contain alcohol in the first place- even in the face of considerable information stating that prolonged or extensive use of alcohol on your skin is a bad idea.

There are multiple reasons why manufacturers of discomfort-relief products (and even regular skincare products) typically use alcohol in their formulas. The first is because alcohol can help make these naturally thick, heavy products feel almost weightless on the skin to create a more pleasant aesthetic for users. Additionally, alcohol is a possible preservative that may help prolong the shelf life of topical products.

The second reason is that human skin is very good at preventing the absorption of different ingredients due to its natural protective barrier. The presence of alcohol in different topical relief products helps other ingredients penetrate the skin more effectively. However, it does this by breaking down the skin’s natural barrier, which is needed to keep our skin healthy over time. 

The third reason is that some types of alcohol are known to help relieve minor aches related to muscle discomfort in the body. This can naturally help increase the overall effectiveness of discomfort-relieving products. However, just because alcohol in ache-relieving topicals can help reduce discomfort doesn’t mean it is the right solution.

Top Reasons to Avoid Using Alcohol-Based Products for Muscle Relief

There are several reasons why people should avoid turning to alcohol-based products to address muscle aches or other types of physical discomfort. We could legitimately write a list of more than a dozen reasons why doing so may not be the best idea. However, to keep things as simple as we can, we’ll stick to covering the essential points that you should carefully consider before using any muscle or discomfort-relief cream with an alcohol based formula.

1. Increased Skin Irritation, Dryness, and Sensitivity

While isopropyl alcohol is often applied to wounds to help kill and prevent the growth of bacteria, it and other types of alcohol-especially alcohol denat- can quickly lead your skin to become excessively dry, irritated, and more sensitive due to its inherently harsh nature that strips away moisture. The damage that alcohol-based topicals can cause to a person’s skin over time can also lead to increased levels of acne-causing bacteria, skin oils, and even sensitivity. This means that said topical relievers have potential to make your discomfort much worse, primarily if your aches result from muscle or joint issues. 

2. Potential Allergic Reactions

While allergic reactions to the alcohol often contained in discomfort-relieving products aren’t too common, there is still a chance that these topicals can trigger a range of symptoms. If allergic reactions develop, it’s recommended that impacted individuals reach out to emergency medical professionals to receive help right away.

Additionally, the alcohol present in different ache-relieving topicals may trigger a range of burning, stinging, or cold sensations when applied. Though this is a relatively normal skin response and isn’t usually a sign of an allergic reaction, many individuals may not appreciate the sensations.

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Abandon the Rubbing Alcohol Based Topicals: Let Blue Stop Max Help Relieve Your Muscle Aches

While alcohol-based products can provide some people with relief for muscle and joint discomfort, along with various other physical issues, it’s something that people should consider and weigh all options. Thankfully, there is a wide range of discomfort-relieving products on the market that are proven to work quickly and effectively without large amounts of alcohol in the formula. If you’re currently looking for a way to obtain some much-needed muscle relief, always remember to read through the ingredient labels carefully. 

If you want access to a top-quality, aloe-based discomfort relieving topical gel, please consider exploring Blue Stop Max today! Our products are all made with a unique blend of natural ingredients specifically formulated to provide your body with soothing relief from aches and discomfort.

Aches in your muscles and joints are common problems people experience as they get older. Thankfully, our experts at Blue Stop Max have developed a wide range of quality products to help your body achieve some much-needed and speedy relief.

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