Cold Weather Months Bring About Joint Aches — Here’s How to Find Relief

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With the cold weather months here in full force, your joints might feel extra achy and sore. And for people suffering from different types of joint pain, the winter months are the most uncomfortable times of the year.

Changes in the weather, like colder temperatures, are known to increase joint aches, discomfort, weakness, soreness, and stiffness. So how do you alleviate those aches?

We’ll explore the relationship between joint pain and cold weather and how you can manage pain, improve mobility, and get rid of your aches.

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Why Cold Weather Impacts Joint Aches and Discomfort

There are mixed opinions regarding why cold weather can cause achy joints. For example, some studies show that atmospheric conditions — like changes in barometric pressure — can cause an increase in discomfort.

When the air pressure drops as it commonly does in the cold weather months, it can cause your muscles, tendons, and bones to expand, resulting in increased pressure in your joints. As a result, this could give you joint aches and difficulty flexing and moving them.

The temperature is another factor that influences joint aches and discomfort, especially people with joint issues. Cold temperatures increase your joint fluid’s thickness, causing them to become stiffer and lose mobility. 

In addition, because many people tend to avoid the outside world when it’s cold out, they become more sedentary during the cold weather months. Then, they experience increased joint aches due to getting less physical activity.

How to Get Relief From Cold Weather Joint Aches

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Luckily, there are various ways you can find relief if you experience an increase in joint aches during the cold weather months.

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It contains high-quality emu oil, which has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the symptoms associated with joint aches.

Topical relief products can quickly and effectively provide localized relief to the areas you experience the most discomfort. Don’t let increased joint aches from the cold weather months make you deviate from your usual lifestyle!

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  1. Keep Your Body Warm

One way to help prevent joint aches in the cold weather months is by dressing in layers before leaving your home; this will help keep your joints and muscles warm while you spend time outside.

When staying home, using a heating pad, hot compress, or taking a warm bath can also help relax your joints, keeping them from aching and providing relief.

  1. Watch Your Weight

We all know maintaining a healthy weight is necessary for your overall well-being; however, it can also reduce the pressure on your joints that increases during the cold weather months.

In addition to regular exercise, eating healthy and maintaining a balanced diet are crucial to maintaining a healthy weight. Not to mention some healthy foods — fish oil, green tea, broccoli, etc. — can help relieve joint issues.

  1. Exercise Regularly

We mentioned maintaining a healthy weight and regular exercise is a vital part of that. But that’s not the only reason exercise is important — physical activity helps keep your joints flexible and ease your achy joints.

It’s crucial to warm up properly before working out when it’s cold out, especially if you exercise outside (walking, cycling, etc.). If you want to stay inside, there are plenty of at-home exercises you can do to keep your joints nimble and pain-free.

  1. Explore Treatment Options

Depending on the level of discomfort you experience from your joint aches, there are various treatment options that can provide some much needed relief, particularly in the cold weather months.

You may have access to some of these options through your health insurance — chiropractic care, yoga, and acupuncture can often help relieve joint aches by reducing inflammation.

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Don’t Let the Cold Weather Months Get You Down

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The cold weather months may be upon us, but that doesn’t mean you have to quit your everyday activities or stop living a productive, healthy lifestyle. We all manage discomfort differently, and even with your doctor’s recommendation for a care plan, it’s crucial to find at-home remedies and additional treatment options that work for your body and joint aches.

So try one of these tips to manage your joint aches while enjoying the cold weather months of winter!

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