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You’ve come to the right place. 

Everyday errands, tasks, and commitments are energy-zapping enough, but daily life can quickly become an uphill battle when sore joints and muscles add to the mix. 

Many people jump to pricey procedures and treatments to solve the issue as fast as possible, but these quick fixes are short-lived.

If you’re finally fed-up wasting money on ineffective remedies to your physical ailments, it’s time to check out one of the top alternatives on the market.

From sore muscles to aching joints, you can rely on Blue Stop Max to target all your discomforts.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about the life-changing products from Blue Stop Max!

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About Blue Stop Max 

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Blue Stop Max can provide help to those looking for relief.The company was started by a general surgeon looking for a solution to help his patients from daily aches and discomfort. 

Unlike the plethora of harsh chemical products you find in stores today, the Blue Stop Max formula contains 100% organic aloe vera and coconut oil and 100% all-natural emu oil and menthol. 

The organic aloe vera base and the coconut oil enable the everyday use of our products. Our star ingredient of the natural emu oil works to target muscle soreness. Lastly, the natural menthol found in our products effectively soothes body aches, meanwhile giving a pleasing and cool sensation.

Our products provide customers with the most premium ingredients to help soothe their aches and discomfort while nourishing their skin. 

No more intense topical products that only target ailments after the fact. You can feel comfortable using our products every day to ensure maximum effectiveness. 

Looking for fast and easy discomfort relief while you’re on vacation? Check out Blue Stop Max and its travel-size products!

What to Know About Our Products 

Aggravating strains and relentless aches can take the color out of life. Don’t settle for dull shades of gray when life is meant to be lived in vibrant arrays and hues. 

Blue Stop Max allows you to live each day to the fullest without the distraction of muscle tenderness, aches, and irritations. 

Are you looking to get your hands on our effective products fast? With Blue Stop Max purchasing options, you can pick what works best.

Buy Direct

Purchase Blue Stop Max direct and receive free shipping on every order over $35 or more. 

Find all the information about products on our website to make purchasing decisions clearly and efficiently. 

Shop Online

If you’re loyal to the major online shopping sites, no problem. 

You can find all of our products on several popular websites, including Amazon, Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, and more!

Find Nearby

If you’re a go-getter who prefers buying in-store, have no fear. Products from Blue Stop Max can also be found on shelves in your neighborhood pharmacy or grocery store

You can ensure your store has our products in stock by checking our website and searching our Store Locator. It’s that easy!

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The Benefits of Our Ingredients and The Key of Emu Oil 

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Our combination of natural ingredients make up the foundation of our revolutionary products. 

Specific to one of our ingredients, our unique Emu Oil has been used for centuries by aboriginal Australians as a solution to sore, strained muscles. 

Soothe aches with Emu Oil! The oil is filled with antioxidants like Vitamin A and polyunsaturated fats. These in particular are called fatty acids, which may help with swelling and sensitivity throughout the body. 

In alignment with these effective properties, the added ingredient of emu oil in our products enables everyday application since it moisturizes the skin instead of stripping the natural oils.

But don’t just take our word for it! 

Here’s a review of real people and their experience with Emu Oil. Most people gave Emu Oil five stars for product effectiveness, easy use, and satisfaction. Overall, the ingredient garnered a rating of 4.3 stars. 

Wanting to target discomfort in hard-to-reach places? Blue Stop Max makes your life easy with its affordable massaging applicator!

Testimonials From Satisfied Customers 

From past injuries flaring up to regular discomfort, our triple action formula of premium ingredients can provide everyday calming relief for your aches.

We leave all our customers happy. 

For instance, a Wind Turbine Operator named Josh Woodward first tried prescribed medications from doctors to help relieve irritations but found them disappointing since they clouded his mind and inhibited his ability to work. Now, Josh relies on Blue Stop Max for discomfort relief to continue his career safely and healthily.

Or take Rhonda Hilliard, a Rural Mail Carrier who finds peace of mind knowing she can rely on discomfort relief from Blue Stop Max for years to come because of the unique formula containing natural ingredients

Many more like Josh and Rhonda utilize Blue Stop Max every day to soothe their aches and strains while maximizing their job abilities and improving their quality of life. 

Final Factors to Consider About Blue Stop Max 

Try our products today if you’re tired of relying on ineffective remedies, costly procedures, or strong prescriptions that leave you hazy! 

Blue Stop Max delivers fast, calming relief for all aching joints and muscles.

Say goodbye to stubborn irritations, and hello to instant comfort!

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